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The Fishkeeping Teachers (™)

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A Licensed Teacher and his Fish Keeping Journey!


Greetings, Fellow Aquatic Adventurers!

Combining Environmental Education with Environmental Conservation

Hello, and thank you for stopping by! The Fish Keeping Teachers is an effort of an experienced Environmental Science teacher with a love for all things nature, and a passion for studying environmental conservation through the medium of creating planted aquascapes. 
*PLEASE NOTE*: We are an educational resource, providing scientifically sourced articles, and personal experience. We are educators, not doctors! Please see a licensed veterinary doctor for any medical issues! We do not provide medical advice.

My current tank set-ups include:

5 Gallon Bowfront Planted Tank Growing Plants for Future Tanks


10 Gallon Tall Glass Aqueon Planted Tank with a KG Tropicals Blue Green Alien Male Betta named Salazar  


20 Gallon Tall Glass Aqueon Planted Tank with 1 African Clawed Frog named Sir Froggy

Please join me as my aquatic friends and I begin our journey to better understanding and connecting with our natural world!

Tropical Leaves
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